A Site to See: 2

Album Quilt

Album Quilt

Wow  – some great colour and geometric design from Antique Geometric Quilt Designs  which  gives a short history of each design and the artistic work which inspired it.  I found it really interesting to see the original art work and the abstraction of this into a quilt design.  All of the designs have been derived from artworks by women artists.

The design below called On the Square was derived from a work by Sonia Delaunay.  Each design also has links to other historical or design information.

On the Square

On the Square

If you love abstract art and quilts this is a great site for some eye candy and inspiration.  It has given me a burst of new ideas!


Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

I’m a member of the SMQG which is a small group of enthusiastic modern quilters.  We get together each month and each year we do a group project.  Last year we made a huge hexie quilt which we entered into the annual state quilt guild show and then raffled to raise funds for a donation to the YWCA for young disadvantaged women.  We managed to raise over $1000.00 in just under a month of selling tickets.

The quilt design was based on a rainbow colour scheme design from the book Hexa-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher  who kindly gave us permission to use the design for the group project.

I chose the warm orange palette – no surprises there – my first ever attempt at doing hexies is below. I was pleased at how they came together.

Hexies for SMGQ group quilt

Hexies for SMGQ group quilt

Here they are in situ – Sel did a great job on the quilting.

My hexies in the quilt

My hexies in the quilt

IMG_0084 The finished quilt – it was difficult to photograph as it ended up being more than king size because we got carried  away with doing hexies!

We are always happy to have new members, so if you live in Sydney contact me or check out our blog.

Crazy weather

It’s 28′ here in Sydney today and it is only four days til winter!  We have now experienced the hottest May on record with the most consecutive days above 20′ in recorded history. Our daytime temperatures at this time of year are usually 15-20′.

Autumn leavesThe leaves are doing their best to pretend it is autumn – I took this photo on my walk to work this morning.  This spread of leaves on the pavement reminded me of a Pointillist painting – like the detail below from a painting called Circus Sideshow by Georges Seurat.









Or this one by Lucien Neuquelman.Mother and Daughter in the Park and the Pond

Mother and Daughter in the Park and Pond

A Site to See: 1

I seem to spend many hours a week looking at beautiful, creative sites online and each week I’ll share some of my ‘finds’ with you.   This week’s find is The Art Room Plant which is the blog of Hazel Terry from Scotland.  She loves finding treasure and magic and sharing the creativity and inventiveness of wonderful artists and makers.  She showcases work across a wide spectrum of creative pursuits and posts some beautiful images on her blog to stimulate our creativity.

Hazel Terry - close up of work from her Beards series

Hazel Terry – close up of Beards

Hazel’s web site features her own work in a range of mediums. Go have a look!

Abigail HalpinI came across the work of  illustrator Abigail Halpin on Pinterest via Hazel’s bog.  Abigail’s illustrations are a blend of traditional and digital media, mixing watercolor, ink, pencil, scanned textures and more.  I loved the whimsy of her embroidered vintage postcards!

You can find more of her work, some downloads for printing gift tags, and some for patterns for hand embroidery on her blog.


Small sketch 3

Small sketch No 3 in my improv design series which I wrote about in this post.

I’m pleased with this one – I like the colour combinations.  I was practising inserting narrow strips. They can really add a point of interest and a burst of colour. The overall  pieces  are supposed to be wonky which is why the side panels are not straight.  I’ll have an interesting time figuring out how to join them up if I decide to piece all the ‘sketches’ together to make a quilt in future.

One of my “rules” for this series was not to buy any fabric and to just use what I had in my stash keeping within a warm colour palette.

Small sketch 3: Improv Wonky Log Cabin

Small sketch 3:
Improv Wonky Log Cabin