A Site to See: 1

I seem to spend many hours a week looking at beautiful, creative sites online and each week I’ll share some of my ‘finds’ with you.   This week’s find is The Art Room Plant which is the blog of Hazel Terry from Scotland.  She loves finding treasure and magic and sharing the creativity and inventiveness of wonderful artists and makers.  She showcases work across a wide spectrum of creative pursuits and posts some beautiful images on her blog to stimulate our creativity.

Hazel Terry - close up of work from her Beards series

Hazel Terry – close up of Beards

Hazel’s web site features her own work in a range of mediums. Go have a look!

Abigail HalpinI came across the work of  illustrator Abigail Halpin on Pinterest via Hazel’s bog.  Abigail’s illustrations are a blend of traditional and digital media, mixing watercolor, ink, pencil, scanned textures and more.  I loved the whimsy of her embroidered vintage postcards!

You can find more of her work, some downloads for printing gift tags, and some for patterns for hand embroidery on her blog.



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