Small sketch 4 and 5

I’ve been extremely busy at work over the past couple of weeks so there hasn’t been much sewing happening.  I did manage to do another couple small pieces in my improv series which I wrote about here.  The more I do these small pieces the more I realise that I really like working with solids and abstract prints.  When I work with figurative prints I struggle with the layout – I seem unable to slice through them in the same way.  I guess this is all part of developing a personal style.  I have no idea what mine is yet, but I know it involves abstraction and intense use of colour.

As I have mentioned before I have no training in art and design so I am learning as I go through experience   One thing I have found since I started quilting is that I am learning how to really see – in the past if I looked at an image or the world around me, I didn’t really notice small elements of design – I am now starting to really see.

Small sketch 4 - improv log cabin series

Small sketch 4 – improv log cabin series

Apologies for the poor photography – all I have as a camera is my phone and an iPad – which are both good up to a point, but obviously some lessons in photography wouldn’t go astray.  The colours are a little washed-out in the photo above.  In this one I was trying to echo the lines in the daisey petal with the abstracted lines in the other prints.

Small sketch 5 improv log cabin series

Small sketch 5 improv log cabin series

In the piece above my idea was to echo the dots in the centre of the flowers with the dots in the surrounding fabric.  I had no idea how many shades of orange there were until I started work on this series.   I think I will probably join them all up  to make a quilt when I feel I have exhausted all my ideas on this theme.


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