A bright start to the day

Nothing cheers me up like receiving a new bundle of fabric in the mail!  I ordered some solids online last week because one of my regular suppliers gave me a 20% off discount voucher – no hope of passing that up.

Michael Miller solids

Michael Miller solids

Fairyland - Alexander HenryI bought a piece of Alexander Henry Fairyland fabric a couple of months ago – not because I have any particular interest in fairies, but because the colours are just fabulous.  They look a bit washed out in this image, but the fabric is really vibrant. I’m not sure what I will do with it – so far my thoughts are to use the whole piece as a medallion and then to create some wonky, improv borders a la Gwen Marston style.

Hence the bundle of fabric that arrived this morning. I didn’t have the piece of fabric with me when  ordered these,  so I had to do some guessing.   I love them anyway!  Is there anyone else who loves looking at a bundle like this?  Just looking at the colours makes me happy – I have even been known to pat bundles of fabric!

I hope you had a good start to your day.


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