Woe is me!

I decided recently to do some clothes sewing, partly because I felt like a change from quilting and mostly because I can’t seem to find clothes that I like.  I’m sure that I am not the only older woman larger than size 12 (US size 3 I think) who would like to buy some clothes, but you would not know it when you go shopping.

There are a couple of local designers that do cater for women like me, but they are in a high price range and I can’t afford to buy them all the time for simple clothes to wear to work.  My workplace is reasonably relaxed in terms of dress code, and on days when I don’t have meetings I tend to wear basics such as pants and a tunic with some colourful accessories.

Knit tunic pattern

Knit tunic pattern

Last year I bought some woollen knit jersey when it was on sale and it seemed just the fabric I needed to go with this pattern  (I tried to make the blue tunic).  Now I must admit I have never been good at doing the muslin thing first before I start cutting and stitching, but I did carefully check the measurements and the stretch in the fabric.

It was not a happy tale – I have a Janome Horizon which is relatively new and I hadn’t tried sewing stretch fabrics with it before, so I dutifully read all the instructions and tried the various stretch stitches on a sample piece of fabric with a ball point needle.  No matter what I tried the fabric slipped and puckered.  After reading this tutorial which I found on Pinterest, I tried once more with a twin ball point needle. Still no success.

End result – an unwearable garment.  I was simply going to toss it, but I have decided to persevere and re-cut the garment to a smaller size and try restitching. I have nothing to lose as I can’t wear it now anyway.  I think the main problem was that the fabric is extremely slippery and the pattern had too much ease so that it ended up being too big.  If all else fails I will buy some different fabric and give it another try because it is a very simple pattern and would be just the thing for some basic work clothes.

I’ll keep you posted – any suggestions are welcome.


4 thoughts on “Woe is me!

  1. What helped me the most with knits was to what Marcy and Katherine Tilton’s Craftsy show on sewing with knits. I think a small zigzag stitch is key. Good luck! I also think starting with a ponte knit will give you the success you need to move on to the slippery stuff.

  2. Have you tried using a walking foot? I always use mine when sewing jersey fabric. I’ve found it works with most knits and keeps everything from slipping as much.

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