Paw proof?

My sewing projects have been a little more problematic ever since the wonder cat Cosmo entered my life a couple of months ago.  He is gorgeous, as you can see, but he has decided that my cutting table is his domain which creates a few problems.  Living in an apartment I have limited space to work in, so when I am working on a project I usually pull out the fabrics from my stash and place them at the end of the table so that I can see them as I design and cut.

King of his domainWell of course Cosmo thinks piles of fabric are just lovely to snooze on and play with.  He also loves to supervise from the top of the table.  I covered them with a cloth, but then the fabric slid to the floor every time he or Pepe jumped up on the table.

After many pieces of fabric fluttering to the floor with soft grey fur attached, I decided something needed to be done and paid a visit to IKEA yesterday to try and find a solution.  My thought was to try and find some type of shelf that I could lean against the wall to save space and to stack fabric out of reach.  However, after an hour searching, I couldn’t come up with a completely satisfactory temporary solution – I don’t want to drill into the wall because eventually the cutting table will move and be replaced by the dining table.

Paw proof?

Paw proof?

This is what I came up with – the IKEA shoe boxes with the see through velco-closed ends that I have now stacked at the end of the table.  I can at least see the different piles  of fabric and a fluffy paw can’t get at them.  Not ideal, but it will do for now.



6 thoughts on “Paw proof?

  1. You might try putting up a sturdy shelf or even a bookshelf high enough that Cosmo can watch and be out of the way. Callie loves to watch from above.

    As you know, cats love all things soft and comfy and most of all they love to “help” so you may have to just close the door if you can.

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