An apple a day

I was feeling a bit ‘blah’ on Sunday after trying and failing to create something interesting on Saturday evening working on my improv log cabin small sketches.  It just didn’t seem to flow – I didn’t like the colour combinations and it just all felt ‘wrong’.  Being fairly new at all this I have always felt that I should finish a project before commencing a new one which, after reading lots of blogs, seems to be unusual, so I was thinking of putting this series on hold and starting a new project.

I was mulling this over as I was reading the week-end paper (yes some people still actually read newspapers) on Sunday morning,  when I came across a short review of an exhibition of the work of painter Paul Cezanne.  I was reminded of the quote attributed to him “I want to astonish Paris with an apple”.

Still Life with Apples -Paul Cezanne

Still Life with Apples -Paul Cezanne

That’s what was wrong – I was trying too hard, and making it too complicated, when what I needed to do was to distil my ideas to their very essence.  Less is more is what I strive for in life, and quilting should be no exception.   So what to do? Well, I set off to do a Zumba class, they say exercise is good for cognition,  and then paid a visit to the NSW Art Gallery for some inspiration.

Cadence #1 - Robert Owen

Cadence #1 – Robert Owen

This is what greeted me at the entrance – just what I needed – a big, bold splash of colour – something simple, and yet at the same time, complex. WOW!   It is hard to represent the scale of the work here, but it would be at least 6ft high and 12 ft long.  Robert Owen is an Australian artist and this painting originated in a proposal for a public artwork for the Melbourne Bureau of Meteorology.  He chose a colour to represent his mood every half-hour for eighty days – creating a vast chart for his own emotional weather.

It got me thinking about a project along similar lines, but in fabric. It would be fun to do it as you go, such as adding a piece at a specific time each day – by simply asking what colour do I feel right now? One idea expressed, by one colour, at one moment in time.


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