Modern and minimal

I just love coming home to find a new book in my letterbox – particularly a fabulous one by the ever talented Gwen Marston.

Minimal Quiltmaking

Minimal Quiltmaking

I have been limiting my books purchases recently, but when I saw this I just had to have it.  It came at the perfect time given my recent creative slump and loss of confidence.  It really is a feast for the senses and eyes.

Curled up in bed on a cold winter’s night reading Gwen’s insights I felt some of my design mojo returning, particularly when she comments that  “...the focus of designing minimal quilts is to produce work that has been reduced to its essence – stripped down to its essentials‘.

This is exactly what I have been grappling with recently – I haven’t been trying for a truly minimalist approach as I’m still learning the basics, but it is my eventual aim.  Echoing my last post – my aim might be paraphrased to astonish Sydney with a quilt!   If someone as talented and as experienced as Gwen can say “What I have found in my design work is that when there is less, I have to work harder to make a composition work”, I guess I shouldn’t feel bad about hitting a rough patch (pun intended!).

In the book, which has glorious detailed colour photographs of quilts made by herself and other talented quilters, Gwen offers us a process rather than a pattern in the hope that our quilts will end up being our own design.  As Gwen says ‘There is power in that. It’s rewarding and affirming“.  If you love modern, love minimal, love colour , go and buy it – you won’t regret it.

Gwen Marston in Sydney 2013

Gwen Marston in Sydney 2013

As I mentioned in this post Gwen was in Sydney this time last year to do a series of workshops.  She also gave an entertaining lecture illustrated by some of her fabulous small quilts.  I’m amazed that she managed to pack so many in her luggage from the States to Australia.  I hope I have that much energy and enthusiasm if I reach her age.

2013-07-11 20.59.38Here are just a few that she discussed on the night.

2013-07-11 20.59.12Aren’t they fabulous – I just love her use of colour – they are hand quilted!

Gwen Marston - Small quilts



Gwen was doing ‘modern’ quilting long before the term came into vogue.



I’m off to the annual state quilt and craft show on Friday, so I hope to find some more inspiration there.



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