Some helping paws!

It was a cold (by Sydney standards), windy and overcast day last Saturday and I was feeling sad from listening to the news about the death of so many people, including 35 Australian citizens and residents, from the air disaster in Ukraine.

After a morning snuggled in bed with “the boys” I thought some sewing would be a good remedy for my mood.  Time to get moving and finish the wonky improv log cabins. Rather then just back and bind them as small pieces, I decided to put them together in a quilt. As you may remember from this post, this series started from implementing some ideas from a Gwen Marston workshop that I attended this time last year.

When I started doing this I was concentrating on each small “sketch” so I hadn’t given much thought to what to do with them afterward. This has created a dilemma as to how to unify different pieces and fabrics into something that looks ok as a whole piece.  Taking my inspiration from several quilts that I saw on Pinterest, I am using various neutral fabrics, also in an improv way, to turn each small piece into a 12.5 inch block.

Here are the 1st four blocks.

Wonky Logs

Wonky Logs

I’ve done eight now and will probably end up with a quilt of 60″ by 60″.  Unfortunately, the only place I have room for a design wall is in the long narrow corridor near my front door, which has poor lighting so it’s hard to get a good picture.   I’m reasonably happy thus far – it won’t be my most exciting creation, but it has been a good learning experience.

I have posted before about “the boys”, particularly Cosmo, loving my cutting table.  Well the week-end was no different, and this time Pepe also joined in. I would lift one down and then the other would jump up to join in the fun –  they, of course, thought that a lovely pile of crisp, clean neutral(!) fabric was a great place to nestle.

Pepe is not sure about my fabric choices

Pepe is not sure about my fabric choices

Cosmo "selecting" fabric

Cosmo “selecting” fabric

In the end I had to put them in my flatmate’s bedroom and close the door – I was afraid that I would end up with an amputated tail or paw if they continued to join in the fun.


5 thoughts on “Some helping paws!

      • Actually, mine were all the same size block, too. But with the setting fabric all the same, and sashing strips of same, they seem to float in it. Yours will be wonderful. I’ll look forward to seeing progress on it.

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