Wonky progress

I made some progress over the week-end on the wonky cabins and squares. I have discovered that working in an improv way takes much longer than working to a pattern. Each small “sketch” takes time to select the fabric, think of a design, cut, stitch, press and repeat!

Wonky progress 1

Wonky progress 1

Once again apologies for the poor lighting in my hallway.  I am relatively happy with each block, but as I suspected it is going to be difficult to create a unified look to the whole quilt. This won’t be the final layout – I play as I go.

Wonky progress 2

Wonky progress 2

I have completed 15 blocks so far – 10 to go, but I may do some more and play with colours etc.  One thing I am now doing is adding a repeat of some of the fabrics in the blocks and being more selective about colour choices to try and make it a little less “bitsy”. All in all I’ll be happy with the end result because it started out as a learning process for some new techniques – not as a quilt – and I have learnt a lot by doing it.

Of course at the end of a week-end of sewing, when “the boys” had to be placed behind a closed door in the bedroom to keep them off the cutting table, Cosmo demanded a Sunday night tummy rub – on my cashmere blanket no less!

Sunday night snuggle

Sunday night snuggle


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