Design Inspiration 3: Equilateral Triangles

On a recent visit to the Art Gallery of New South Wales I was intrigued by this wonderful work, called VIF 2010, by Australian artist Helen Eager.  It is a very large oil on linen piece probably measuring around 2.5m x 1.5 m (8 ft x 5 ft).VIF 2010 Helen EagerThe didactic panel said that the work pays homage to paper cut-outs of Henri Matisse and as with Matisse’s work, what looks scattered is in fact a very careful arrangement.

The 16 triangles depicted could be pieced together to form one large triangle.  The triangles fold out from each other and each is hinged by its corner to another.

It got me thinking about how I could make a quilt using similar principles i.e. connected in some way but not set in straight rows.  Piecing the individual triangles would be easy enough, the tricky part would be the background and inter-connecting spaces.  My skills are not advanced enough yet to do it, but I am going to try and work out the geometry on paper and see what is possible.  It would be fairly easy to do it as applique , but I want to do it as pieced blocks.  I suspect that some paper piecing may need to be involved.  What do you think – is it possible?


4 thoughts on “Design Inspiration 3: Equilateral Triangles

  1. Yes, very possible. I haven’t tried much of that kind of piecing. Perhaps the easiest way is to draw the whole thing and create templates, carefully numbered, of course! You would have a lot of partial piecing in order to get to corners. But yes, this looks like a good challenge to work out. Have fun!

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