Colours of a Sydney winter

Last week I found a reference to a book that I thought I couldn’t live without, but it was very expensive so I wanted to see it before deciding whether to buy it.  Fortunately Sydney has a Kinokuniya bookstore and they had it in stock.

After a week of rain and being indoors, and in the spirit of my last  post about walking, my flatmate and I decided to walk into the city to check it out. This took us about an hour but it was great to be out and about and to window shop on the way.

As usual I took my iPad along.  The centre of Sydney has two beautiful natural areas – one is Hyde Park (white settlement of Australia was by the British, hence the name) and the other is the Botanic Gardens which I mentioned in a recent post.

We walked through Hyde Park to get to the store and I decided to take a couple of photos of the late winter colours that caught my eye.  This morning I taught myself how to turn them into colour palettes – so here they are:

The 1st one is the bark of a beautiful, sturdy, old tree.

Tree BarkTree Bark PaletteThe 2nd one is of a garden of plants which I think are called cabbage roses.  I just love the purple shades with the green and the fact that plants don’t have to be flowers to be beautiful!

Cabbages Roses Cabbage roses paletteMore about the book later – it is truly fabulous. Of course I bought it!

Hope you are having a colourful week-end.



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