Making wonky progress

2014-08-26 09.02.02After an awful day yesterday I decided that some fabric therapy was needed so last night I made a couple of blocks for my improv wonky log cabin creation.  It’s taking a long time to complete it, I think partly because what started off as some experimental small pieces has morphed into a quilt.  I therefore didn’t have an initial concept for the whole, just for the pieces, and that’s meant it hasn’t flowed to a set plan.

I am determined to get it finished and have now decided to make it 48″x60″  (the blocks end-up as 12 inch squares).  These blocks still need their borders, but I have decided to make the rest of the “wonkies” first and then do all the remaining borders.

Now that it is getting near the end – 6 blocks to go (I discarded a few because they didn’t “feel” right) – I’ve realized that colour and fabric choices are becoming more important as they need to fit within an overall scheme to unify the whole top.Salmon and flowers

The original concept was to deal with 3 design elements:

  1. warm/orange/almost monotone palette
  2. improv
  3. log cabins (sort of!)

I have pretty much stayed within those parameters, with a touch or slice, of other colours here and there, like the green and pink.


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