Bright and bold

I’m away from home attending a conference and posting from my iPad which is a bit tricky, so will just share one of my first quilts with you.

I have a number of young friends who have migrated to Australia from various countries.  Many have no family here in Australia, so in some ways I try to provide a little “de-facto”  family support.  One young couple came to Australia from Colombia and had a baby daughter called Isabella.  She is simply gorgeous with olive skin and beautiful black hair.  Her mum was keen on something pink and I just knew that her quilt needed to be bright and bold.

Isabella's Quilt 2013

Isabella’s Quilt 2013

This is what I came up with.  It was only the 3rd quilt that I made so I was pleased with it and Isabella thought it was pretty!

Isabella's Quilt - Dots for the back

Isabella’s Quilt – Dots for the back


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