Working in colour

A box of stationery arrived at work this morning – we decided to liven up the record keeping!Coloured folders

One more way to add some colour to the day!



Pieced together!

Orang improvAfter some last minute unpicking and addition of some different value segments into two blocks, followed by some rearranging of the overall block placement, I pieced the improv orang(ish) top together last night.

Five blocks got culled, including these three.Yellow and red blockAbstract block

Some were the wrong hue,  some had value problems, and some didn’t flow with the other blocks. I think part of the problem was caused by sewing at night under bad lighting. It was also a learning curve, particularly about colour interactions.

Houses with yellow blockI’ll either use them for cushions or slice them up and re-piece them in another project.

I am reasonably happy with the result, although I have a tendency to want things to be perfect (!).  A friend, who is a much more experienced quilter than me, told me on Friday, “sometimes good enough is enough”. I am keen to start another project, so I will heed that advice and let it be.

I’m now auditioning backs.  I usually piece backs to make my quilts reversible (even though one side is definitely “the front”), but I’m not sure about this one. The front has so much piecing I think that maybe just one to three large pieces will become the back.

I’m trying to come up with a name for it – any suggestions?

Mexican textiles

As I posted recently I have a small collection of Mexican and Guatemalan textiles from my travels there some years ago. This bag is hanging on my wall at home because I think it’s too beautiful to use.

Mexican BagClose up of embroideryThe base cloth is hand-woven cotton which has then been heavily embroidered with thick cotton thread in colours which are typical of weaving of the Chiapas area of Mexico.Colour palette embroideryI also bought this jacket and wore it for a while, but then decided to display it because of the stunning colourful embroidery. Once again it’s on hand woven cotton cloth.Embroidered jacket

image lose up of jacketIt makes me very sad to think that so many of these skills are being lost.  I always search out local artisans when I travel and support their work in  whatever way I can.

I can’t wait to go back to this part of the world. For a colour and textile lover it is simply heaven! Go now if you can, while this beautiful work is still being created.

Cats on mats!

My colleagues know that I love  “the boys” and that they feature on this blog from time to time. On a recent trip to Istanbul one of them snapped this great example of “catnapping”  for me. Catnapping in IstanbulIt reminded me of the 1st photo I took with my new camera – Pepe looking inquisitive on a rug that I bought in Turkey some years ago.Pepe on rugAlmost too cute!


A Spring palette at work

It’s a glorious sunny Spring day here in Sydney – a balmy 22′. I couldn’t resist taking a couple of quick iPad photos of the gardens here at work. Colour is coming back – yeah!Coffee cart gardenThe garden near the coffee cart – coffee and colour to kick-start the day!

Courtyard gardenThe courtyard hedge – love the dusky pinks.