Spring is here!

Spring has arrived in the last few days after weeks of unusually heavy rain.  It has put a spring in my step so I have been spending more time outdoors instead of stitching. I have,  however, done two more wonky blocks for my improv quilt.  That means I only have another 3 to go!  I would really love to get this finished so I can start on other projects.  I don’t have the space to work on several projects at a time (and feel guilty if I start one before I finish another!).

I went to visit my friend Fi on Saturday and took some fabric and my machine with me which meant I could cut and stitch for an hour or so without “the boys” wanting to help.  It was a relief not to worry about slicing a fluffy tail or paw.A burst of springI included a flower in this one in homage to spring! The sides are meant to be wonky and the border will be added later.

Ovals and pinkNot sure about the pink in this one although when the neutral borders get added to both of them the colours will be a little more muted.



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