Sneezing and reading

As much as I love Spring, I wish it would love me. Sydney is experiencing extremely high pollen counts at the moment which means I have weeping red eyes, sneeze constantly and generally feel grumpy and dozy after taking heaps of antihistamines.

My only remedy to this general state of malaise is to eat chocolate, buy books and fabric, and to take to my bed early with a pile of books (and tissues!).

Some of my current reading materials are the last two copies of Selvedge magazine (which has a special 50% off offer on subscriptions at the moment).  The July/August edition, no 59, is The Folklore Issue which is jam-packed full of wonderful images, including this one of a quilt called The Crimean Quilt by an unknown maker, which formed part of an exhibition called British Folk Art at the Tate Britain.  It’s astonishing to think how long it would take to make this completely by hand!

Image courtesy of Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery and Tate Britain

Image courtesy of Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery and Tate Britain

I was also very envious of those lucky enough to be able to see the MADE IN MEXICO The Rebozo in Art, Culture & Fashion exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. I had a wonderful time when I spent six weeks in Mexico.

Frida KahloI have a hand-woven silk rebozo which I bought at the  Frida Kahlo Museum and a number of beautiful embroidered textiles from the Sna Jolobil  co-operative in San Cristobal, Chiapas adorn my walls at home.  I’ll post some photos soon.

The colour in Mexico and Guatemala always enchanted me and makes me wonder why we have created a modern world so full of grey, brown and black.




Speaking of colour  – another book on my my reading pile is Colour – A workshop for artists and designers by David Hornung.

It has ten sections and consists of explanations and theory and a series of assignments. I’m finding the section of colour interaction and colour harmony particularly interesting and useful, even though I am very slack about doing the assignments. It has has some lovely full colour images, some of art and even a quilt,  to illustrate the principles.  If you have read Josef Albers texts on colour you will probably find this book useful.



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