An amost finish!

I’m pleased to say that I have now finished the wonky blocks for my orange(ish) improv quilt.  I originally thought I would make it a square 60″ x 60″, but have decided to go with a 48 x 60 lap quilt.

I have been worried about how it would look when all the blocks were placed together as it wasn’t originally intended to be a quilt. As I wrote about in this post, this project started as a design exercise based on some thoughts I had after a Gwen Marston workshop I attended last year.

With the help of some friends I laid it out on a table this morning and after a couple of attempts this is what we came up with.  There were about 5 blocks that didn’t make the final “cut”.  Some just seemed slightly off – I’ll use them for pillows or potholders!    Apologies for the poor quality photo – it was a table at work and the light was poor.  I’ll take another photo when I have pieced the blocks together. I think it will be ok but am reserving my judgement until I have stitched it together.Wonky blocksI couldn’t use my design wall as “the boys” kept jumping up and pulling the blocks down!  I am trying to teach them that the nice fluffy design wall is NOT a big scratching post, but I’m a dismal failure at this point.

I will hopefully stitch the blocks together tonight, piece a back tomorrow night, and then baste and quilt over the week-end.  Pepe and Cosmo will need to be kept in another room while that is happening – all that fluffy batting will be just too much of a temptation!Cosmo helpingPepe helping


4 thoughts on “An amost finish!

  1. I like the orange quilt. How lucky to take a class from Gwen. I have some of her books but haven’t tried many of her techniques. Your “boys” are too cute. My kitties try to get at the pins on the wall so now I have to put them all up high. And just yesterday Leo ate some fusible interfacing. Uggg So helpful!

    • Thanks Anne – I think they all just love to be involved in whatever is happening and fluffy things are just too tempting! I have now put the “orange” quilt high on my wall and have decided to change a couple blocks.

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