Mexican textiles

As I posted recently I have a small collection of Mexican and Guatemalan textiles from my travels there some years ago. This bag is hanging on my wall at home because I think it’s too beautiful to use.

Mexican BagClose up of embroideryThe base cloth is hand-woven cotton which has then been heavily embroidered with thick cotton thread in colours which are typical of weaving of the Chiapas area of Mexico.Colour palette embroideryI also bought this jacket and wore it for a while, but then decided to display it because of the stunning colourful embroidery. Once again it’s on hand woven cotton cloth.Embroidered jacket

image lose up of jacketIt makes me very sad to think that so many of these skills are being lost.  I always search out local artisans when I travel and support their work in  whatever way I can.

I can’t wait to go back to this part of the world. For a colour and textile lover it is simply heaven! Go now if you can, while this beautiful work is still being created.


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