A feline fundraiser

Trio of FelinesIt was a busy week-end with lots happening, including the Cat Film Furstival which was a fun fundraiser for the RSPCA in New South Wales in conjunction with the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, USA).  It was first Australian screening of the Internet Cat Video Festival which has played all over the world to a packed crowd of cat fanciers and kitty lovers.

There were lots of short films and six-second Vine videos and everything in between and activities in a night designed to put the cat back in the spotlight – and help the RSPCA raise some much needed funds for the cats in their care.

Just received an update to say that 1,958 cat lovers attended the event which raised over $100,000! Yea for cats everywhere.

I adopted “the boys” from the RSPCA in April and I was more than happy to go along and be a little silly for the evening.  As you can see above I took a couple of fellow cat-lover friends along as well (that’s me with the cat ears!).

C as a catI think my flatmate looks rather good as a feline!


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