Quilts and Colour

I’ve been on a bit of a book buying splurge the past month or so and haven’t had time to post about them.

Quilts and ColorQuilts and Color is one recent purchase. Living in Australia I don’t have the opportunity to visit some of the wonderful exhibitions of quilts that are held in the United States or Great Britain so I live vicariously by buying books like this!

As I’m sure many of you know, the Pilgrim/Roy Collection is one of the largest collection of quilts in the world. This book accompanied an exhibition of quilts from the collection at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

It is arranged by ideas based in colour theory such as Vibrations, Gradations and Optical Illusions .  It has beautiful full-colour photographs of the quilts and each section has a short overview of each theory and artists who are known for works based on the theory.  Anyone interested in art and quilting would find it interesting.

I tend to read books like this with my iPad at my side so that I can look up artists or quilters that are referred to as I read. That way I learn something as I go, not just look at the great photos. Bands not Straight

This photo of a work by Sol LeWitt called Bands (Not Straight) in Four Directions, 1999, which prefaces the section on Variations, has given me an idea for a future quilt.

Even though many of the quilts are not to my taste, the book is a colour feast for the eyes and contains some superb examples of the art and skill of of quilting which is my excuse for buying it(!), plus my local libraries tend not to buy this type of book.


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