Sculpture by the Sea 2014

Each year, along a beach-side walkway near where I live, there is an exhibition called Sculpture by the Sea.  It always attracts a huge crowd during the two weeks and the usual walkers and joggers get very upset that they don’t have the walkway to themselves.

Last Friday evening my work colleagues and I decided to enjoy a walk at dusk to see the sculptures and to share a picnic and a glass or two of bubbles as well.

I tried out my relatively new camera, not altogether successfully as the light was fading.  I seem to have lost the catalogue, but if I find it I will add the name of the sculptor to the relevant photo.  These are just a few that I liked – there are usually more than 100 outdoor exhibits and a similar number in an indoor pavillion.  Sculptors from around the world exhibit each year.  The works are for sale and the public can vote for their favourite.

Sculpture by the Sea 2014





Global warming is cooking us!A rhino at the seasideMelted?The frying pan was a not too subtle comment on global warming starting to cook us – very apt given the temperatures we have been experiencing in Sydney lately.

Good use for grandma's crystalReaching for the skyBirdman

Nature is her own sculptor!

Nature is her own sculptor!

2 headed horse

AliensWooden polesA colourful throneBronze by the sea


2 thoughts on “Sculpture by the Sea 2014

  1. Thanks – I have a new camera and haven’t had time to read the 240 page manual so still doing trial and error. I am learning that light is the key! Just don’t know yet how to use it properly.

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