More progress and colour conundrums

All seven of the group quilt blocks are now complete, although I might do a couple of extras. The brief was to create the seven blocks with “orange”  fabric and which moved from dark (high saturation) to light (low saturation) up the column.

After pulling out all my orange fabrics this led me to ponder the names we give to colours. Because I love bright colours many of my orange based fabrics have the same intensity, so I have been struggling to find seven different shades of orange.  Do peach, apricot, copper and coral count as an “orange” fabric, I wonder?  I guess the answer is “it depends” on how each individual thinks about and describes colour.

I was going to make a couple of blocks at the coral end of the spectrum, but they looked washed out next to the bright blocks.

These are the last four blocks from top to bottom:

No 74, No 6, No 14 and No 5 (Tula Pink – Modern Quilt Blocks)

No 74No 6No 14No5Here are the seven blocks – I don’t think I achieved the high to low very well, but I didn’t want to buy extra fabric just to do a 6.5″ block.  I might do a couple of coral ones just in case. Did  I meet the brief?

SMQG BLOCKSDoes your way of describing colour correspond to how others describe it?

One thing I learnt from this is that I don’t like cutting up and piecing small pieces of fabric! Plus I have just realised from looking at this picture that I pieced the bottom block incorrectly!!! Back to the sewing machine tonight.


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