Cool cats

Sydney has been experiencing extremely hot temperatures the past few days and it isn’t even summer yet.  Yesterday was terrible with some parts of the city reaching 45″C.  Luckily it was not as bad where I live close to the ocean.

Not good for humans, but also not good for those who have fur coats!  “The boys” were feeling it and tried a number of ways to keep cool. In the afternoon a sea breeze came through and I opened the doors to my balcony to get some air.

Cosmo decided that a headstand to expose the really furry part of his tummy to the breeze was the best thing to do and Pepe made sure he was safe!

Cool CosmoI was cleaning my bedroom, hence the quilt on the couch which they thought was very comfy and just the place for a catnap.Cosmo catnap Catnapping



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