Faded fabric and a WIP

I did some sewing on the week-end and became quite grumpy when I discovered that two pieces of solid fabric that I pulled out to use, had fade lines where they had obviously been folded on the bolt of fabric.  This meant that I couldn’t use all of the fabric as the fade marks were in the middle of the WOF. This particularly annoyed me as I had specifically bought both pieces of fabric to match printed pieces that I was using for baby quilts.

I know that the fabric would have been sold to me in that condition because all my fabric is stored in plastic containers and not in direct light, nor do I fold it in a way that matched the fade marks. I also know that I bought both pieces from online stores, though not very recently i.e. it could have been a couple of months ago. The postage costs means it wasn’t worth trying to return them.

In future I will carefully check all purchases when I receive them as I often just place them folded as I receive them in their storage boxes.  Surely it shouldn’t be too much to ask for stores to check items before they dispatch them. Has anyone else had this problem?

Anyway a quick, badly lit photo (my design wall is in my badly lit hallway) of a WIP baby quilt that I need to make by the end of December.  I saw this design as a small block on Pinterest and decided to upscale it to a baby quilt size.  Unfortunately one of the pieces of faded fabric was the solid fabric that I used here. I had intended to make a border of it, but will now have to move to a yet-to-be-determined plan B.  More tomorrow!Sophie's baby quilt


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