2 thoughts on “Creativity and innovation

  1. I believe there are very few fresh ideas. However, we can bring a new view to the same old idea. i have a book of Nancy Crow quilts home from the library. She worked/works in series so might be expressing the same idea dozens of times. The book shows many of the results. A lot of them look the same — she is not being original even in her own realm. And then a spark flies off the page and captures attention! There is a new way to look at the same thing!

    Photorealism is original if it is expressing the artist’s reality, rather than someone else’s. I’m not sure if it more deserves awards for technical prowess or for creativity — I find them boring, usually. But that may be because the subject is boring.

    For me, I’ve been working primarily in the medallion format for more than a year. There is nothing new in this format. I cannot be “original” in that way. However, I do believe my work expresses MY voice uniquely, that someone who is familiar with my work would know it is mine.

    So … innovative? Perhaps not. Creative? Yes, I would say so. I create with my unique voice, using a familiar old form.

  2. Thanks for such a thoughtful response Melanie. I’m glad someone else also finds photorealistic quilts on the boring side! I think we can still be creative working within the same form/structure such as medallions because we bring our own take on it such as colour combinations.

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