My word for the year is simplify.  I’ve decided that 2015 is the year to simplify my life, not that is overly complex, but like many people over the years I seem to have accumulated too many possessions and things that I no longer really need.  I live in an apartment and it is starting too feel cluttered,  I feel weighed down by it, so  it’s time to take action.

I’ve made a good start over the Christmas break – two bags of clothing have been given to charity with more to come. I doubt I’m ever going to be a size 12 again…SIGH.

I also sorted all my fabric stash which is quite small and I intend to keep it that way. It’s very orderly now, sorted by colour and style i.e. solids, stripes, florals etc. Fabric scraps have also been semi sorted by size waiting for some projects during the year.Fabric stash

The hardest part is making decisions about books. They have always been my passion and I find it hard to part with them.  I have slowly been giving away fiction, but even those hold memories for me. I always buy a novel set in a country that I’m about to travel to and when I look at my shelves it reminds me of wonderful travel experiences over the years.

My textile book collection is so large it has broken my book shelves! I can’t see myself getting rid of any of those soon.Textile books

My cookbook collection has been recently sorted with about 20 given away, more to do there.


Wish me luck!

Do you have a word for this year? I’d love to hear about it.



14 thoughts on “Simplify

  1. Good luck with your sorting! It can be hard to part with some things, but for most, likely you will never miss them. I look around and see lots of things I would never miss if they just disappeared.

  2. Simplify is a good thing. Wish I knew how to do it. Good luck with the books. We finally got rid of a lot of old fiction but still have tons of books. I just use the library a lot more regularly now.

  3. Simplify is a great word. It’s always good to have a clean out of things we don’t need. I let go of most of my fiction a few years ago and havent missed them. I enjoy going to the library or picking up novels at the opshop and then donating them back. Like you I do have a book shelf full of sewing books though, they’re hard to resist. Good for you keeping your stash at a managable size too.

  4. Thanks Rachel. Like you I buy very little fiction lately and I’m trying to keep quilting and textile books under control although I think my coming trip to Quiltcon may have an impact!

  5. Simplifying is a great thing. I’m convinced I can do with much less so I have been plotting along and donating but not refilling. I have tried hard to be thoughtful about where things are produced and use that as my guiding light. I think you have come across a really good point with moving along clothes that don’t fit anymore. Live in the present, that’s a really good lesson. Books are hard but I agree, fiction is the easiest to go. I love to loan out those books and let them move from person to person…not really loaning them but moving them along to the next person! Good luck with simplifying, sounds like you have made a great dent in the project already and it’s only the fourth day of the new year!

    • Thanks – I think making a “public” commitment by blogging will help to keep me on track during the year. Some more clothes were targeted last night. I am planning on at least 30 minutes a week to assess “do I really need this” and also want to use this as a mantra when I am thinking of buying something.

  6. Every year, I have a mantra for the year. This year, mine is similar to yours but framed in another way. Last year was Let it Go, meaning STOP stressing on things. This year is Control the Chaos, which is basically get a grip on clutter in all aspects of my life. We will see. I will try and monitor your purchases at QuiltCon. HA!

  7. Great word Lois!! I’d have to say that’s one I will also be trying to follow through the year but the big one for me is CONSISTENT…I’ll post more about this soon but essentially it’s about keeping on a particular path in accordance with my goals… It was going to be FOCUS but thaf didn’t really feel right.

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