Design Inspiration 5: leaves and Matisse

I walked home from work yesterday afternoon (trying to dislodge a few kilos!). As it was hot and humid I walked slowly and started to notice different leaf formations on trees and shrubs as I walked past gardens.  Some were linear and some seemed to radiate from a central point which led to thoughts about how I could incorporate that concept into a quilt design i.e. how to use organic shapes, but not appliquéd leaves, flowing out from a specific point – anyway I snapped few photos on my ever-present iPad.Leaves 1Leaves 3Leaves 2My thoughts on this were possibly prompted by a visit to the NSW Art Gallery last Sunday where I reacquainted myself with the works of Matisse, particularly his cut-outs.



I succumbed to a book about this period of his life and artistic career and a boxed set of printed cards of some of his cut-outs.  I love his way of describing this process “…painting with scissors…” .  Surely such a description could be almost be applied to improv quilting?

I would love a Matisse cut-out style quilt on my bed!


4 thoughts on “Design Inspiration 5: leaves and Matisse

  1. Great idea Melanie – I should follow through on the Gwen Marston workshop I did about Small Sketches. That way I could work out the techniques BEFORE I tackle a large quilt! I’m doing an improv workshop at Quiltcon so hopefully that will help. Challenge accepted! 🙂

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