Basket cases!

I received a delicious basket of food goodies from my colleagues at Christmas.  After I finished eating all the food (hence the interest in walking lately!) I put the empty basket near my bookshelf ready to stack some books into it.  “The Boys” had other ideas and have now taken it over.  They take it in turns as they have grown so much they both can’t fit at the same time.

Basket case CosmoBasket case PepeimageI think Pepe looks as if he is about to get into to mischief!


4 thoughts on “Basket cases!

  1. awww . . . I love how kitties like to get into boxes and containers. Our kitties have taken over the bottom of a puzzle box while my daughter and I have been working on the puzzle. Of course they don’t really fit but they do their best to wiggle in.

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