WIP: last baby quilt for January

This one is for a baby girl and a mum who is not into “girly” things (whatever that means)!  I couldn’t make up my mind what to do within that brief.  I had the grey floral fabric which I really like so I decided to go with it.

My first thought was the grey fabric as a background for solid wonky stars, but then didn’t want to confuse flowers and stars.  Anyway … I then thought of a huge log cabin, but have settled on 1/4 log cabins using four solids which are tones in the small flowers.

Log cabin greyThe first attempt used the logs all the same width, but the solids overpowered the grey background fabric, so I unpicked the first block and started again. This time round I also added some solid grey to offset the other solids and made each log a different width.

I think it will end up as 4 large 1/4 blocks  (this block is 15″) with a wide border, but I’m not sure yet. We shall see as we go.  This has to be finished in the next two weeks before I go on holiday!


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