Baby quilt WIP Update

I have now finished the four 1/4 log cabins and am contemplating the next step.Catherine baby WIPI originally thought I would add some strips to the centre, possibly centred by the small square of solid fabric.  I tried various combinations and now think I will simply join the quarters and add some borders.

The photo is on an angle because the design wall is in a narrow hallway – the blocks are (relatively) the same size!

I hope to finish it this week-end.


2 thoughts on “Baby quilt WIP Update

  1. I think you will like it very well just joining the quarters. One other option is rebuilding the center corners of each of the quarters so each has a different solid in it, instead of the print all the way to the inside corner point. Just a thought! It looks great tho, will be a very lucky baby.

  2. Thanks Melanie – I have joined up the quarters and after your suggestion may overlay the small square of solids in the centre. I have also added another row around the outside making each side a different colour which I think works. I’m now considering whether to just go with the grey again or something different. I’ll check a fabric shop tomorrow.

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