Home safe and sound

image inhale miller boothWell all good things must come to an end and I’m going back to work today. The trip home was a little eventual with an ice storm in Dallas which meant more than 100 people missed my flight because so many connecting flights were cancelled.

I will be going through all my photos over the week-end and will be posting more about Santa Fe and Quiltcon over the coming week.  Be prepared to see some stunning quilts.

I spent most of my time in workshops and lectures and looking at the quilts, but of course I also did some shopping and visited industry booths.  One of my favourites was Michael Miller fabrics which had a Mexican, Southwest theme which I loved, particularly as I had come to Austin direct from Santa Fe.

Of course I had to get of a photo given I was dressed for the part! I promise I didn’t do it on purpose.



I love their solids and I scored a mini charm pack of solids in my Quiltcon goodie bag. They also gave away bottles of water and I even kept the empty bottle as a souvenir (yes I know that makes me a bit of a sad case).

Got to go to work … more soon.


4 thoughts on “Home safe and sound

  1. I was so sorry to have missed meeting you at QuiltCon. I have a new phone that I barely know how to use and didn’t see your message until I was home. So sorry about that. : ( I had a wonderful time in Austin but felt like I was in a daze the whole time. Not my usual self at all and now I’m wishing for a redo. Look forward to hearing about it from your perspective in the coming weeks.

  2. Wow, what a stunning display! I would have been in hog heaven too! I can only imagine how hard and long the trip home would be. I’m excited to see your photos. I love the quilts you show here, love, love, love the south-west influence!

    • Yes I just love their vibrant use of colour. There were some amazing quilts and a vibrant sense of creativity in the Convention Centre. I’ll post some more photos from Santa Fe too! 🙂 It was hard to be back at work today and back to real life realities.

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