Art and Sculptures in Santa Fe

I thought we could all do with a break from Quiltcon photos, so today some photos from my short visit to Santa Fe.  One of the things that struck me was the number of outdoor sculptures which livened up the streetscapes.  The top and bottom ones are from Canyon Road and the middle one is in the courtyard of the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts which is certainly worth a visit.

S Fe 1S Fe2SFe 3I also thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Museum of International Folk Arts on Museum Hill.

Folk Arts MuseuoI snapped a couple of my favourite exhibits, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get an artist attribution.  I wanted to take them home!

Folk Art 1Folk Art 2Folk Art 3


The diorama displays were just stunning, I could have spent many hours just looking at the meticulous creations and artwork. The photo below shows part of the one depicting village life in Mexico.  The museum is a delight for anyone interested in folk arts.  Of course I supported it by a visit to their gift shop for some folk art to bring home.Folk Art 4Folk Art 5

Doesn’t this make our modern baby carriers look rather boring?  The bead work was amazing – I cannot imagine how many beads are stitched on this – just beautiful.

A few more from Santa Fe later in the week.


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