Stars: WIP 4

It’s been a bit quiet on the Stars front  as I needed to finish the Oops a Daisy baby quilt and get some housework done!

I paid a quick visit to one of my fabric shops last week, selected a couple more fabrics and managed to fussy cut and paste the diamonds on Sunday night.  The weather here has been rainy and getting cooler, so last night I settled down on the couch with Pepe on my lap and Cosmo sitting on the back of the couch at my shoulder and did some stitching.  This is the result. Stars 4I have now done 23 stars and I think I will need about 50 for the design that is percolating in my head.   You can see some of the others here and here.


A “quilty” day out

Last Saturday I had a day out in the Blue Mountains with some “quilty” friends to visit the annual Springwood Quilt Show.  It was my first visit to the show which is a local community event and raises much needed funds for the volunteer bush fire brigade.  Most of the quilts were traditional and many were hand pieced and appliquéd.

As you know traditional is not my style, but I enjoyed the chance to have an up-close look at the techniques and ponder fabric and colour choices.  I was particularly interested in looking at the hand pieced quilts given my recent interest in hand piecing.

These pieces of fussy-cut hand piecing by Jan Organ caught my eye.

Fussy cutting 1

Fussy cutting 2

Some of the work was simply stunning and the hand quilting on some of the quilts was minute and meticulous. I know no matter how hard I tried I would never be able to achieve that level of perfection.

Unfortunately the quilts were displayed in quite narrows rows which made taking full sized photographs difficult.

Here are a couple that I liked. I liked the colours in this quilt by Lynne Alchin called Tequila Sunrise and the fact that the applique was not overdone.

Appliqué quilt

After a morning tea of scones and jam (yum!) we had another look at the quilts.  I voted for the quilt below called Lolly Pops, Lollypops by Moyra Sanderson for the viewer’s choice award.

Lollipops quiltNeedle case

I did a tiny bit of shopping- I couldn’t resist this little need case.

We then set off down the mountains for a luscious lunch.

RainbowAs we were leaving the cafe we were greeted by this green blue sky and a stunning double rainbow (unfortunately it didn’t photograph well on my iPad).

We were told that a bad hail storm was happening down the mountains, but as it would take us about 45 minutes to get there we decided to risk it.

As you can see the warning was correct and this is what greeted us on the side of the freeway.Hail 1More like snow than hail. We found out later that five factories had collapsed from the weight of metres of hail on their roofs.  Needless to say we were very happy it had stopped before we got there.

Saturday was also ANZAC Day in Australia and this year it marked exactly 100 years since Australian and New Zealand troops came ashore at Gallipoli, Turkey to fight the Turkish army in World War 1.

Whilst rosemary is traditionally used as a symbol of remembrance for the Gallipoli campaign, in recent years the red poppy (traditionally used to remember the battles in the fields of Flanders, France) has become a general symbol of remembrance and many makers in Australia have been creating poppies for displays around the country. These crocheted ones were hanging in a tree across from the cafe where we had lunch.

Crouched poppiesAll in all a good day out!

Oops a Daisy

After making seven in the last year and a half, I hope Oops a Daisy is my last baby quilt for a while.  This one was done in a bit of a rush and finally finished at 1.30am last night as it needed to be given to the mum today at a baby shower afternoon tea.

Oops a Daisy

I choose the Thousand Flowers (in pink) Kaffe Fassett fabric some time ago and had been dithering as to what to do with it.  Time moved on and life intervened and it ended up a last-minute job which had to be quick and easy, so strip piecing it was.

I’m happy with most of it although I couldn’t find the perfect shade of green for the end border strips and the pale peach/apricot strips in the centre are too pale, but I had to make do with what I had on hand.

Oops a Daisy backThe backing is Canyon Flutter from Alexander Henry which I bought several years ago.  Butterflies just seemed right to go with the flowers on the front.

Butterfly backI didn’t piece the back as I usually do as the butterflies are ‘busy’ enough.


Serpentine stitch

I quilted it using an elongated serpentine stitch on my domestic machine and didn’t quilt the solid strips to make them a little more prominent.



We have had cyclonic weather in Sydney the past few days which has made taking photos problematic, I just managed these couple outside in an extremely wet garden.


You must watch this! Unravel is a short video by Meghna Gupta about how Indian women recast and recycle the clothes the West throws away.  It certainly spurred me on with my ongoing  2015 Simplify campaign.  It also made me feel ashamed of how wasteful we can all be, particularly in contrast to the people whose job it is to recycle our cast-offs.

The people featured in this video have so little and spend their days being confronted by the waste of people who have too much. They have dignity, grace, beautiful smiles and a sense of humour. How many of us can say the same?

I came across it courtesy of my blogging friend Maryline of Mary and Patch.  Thanks Maryline for letting us know about it.