Stars: WIP3

I’ve been down  and out with a cold and terrible cough, so between sleeping and trying to work not much has been happening on the creative front.

2015-03-23 16.31.22


I have managed to stitch some more stars as I lay on the couch with the boys on my lap and at my feet.

They enjoyed me being still!

2015-03-23 16.31.38There does seem to be some sense of a colour scheme starting to appear, although I think it will be a while before I decide on the final version. It has largely been determined by the fabrics I have.

Stars 3

Stars 3.2I’ve done 14 stars now and I want this to be a at least 60″ by 70″ so I have also started to think about layout. I could just go with stars filled with hexies in alternating rows, but I kind of like the idea of adding diamonds of a solid colour around each star to highlight a background colour in the star. That would mean a different layout – not at all sure what. Suggestions anyone?


5 thoughts on “Stars: WIP3

  1. I really love all your stars. Can’t speak to the setting though. Have you thought about making them into the Millefiore type quilt that is going on right now? Seeing things like that and what you’re doing is so tempting to me to start a similar project. As if I don’t already have enough going on.

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