Simplify: 3

Simplify 3My 2015 campaign to declutter and simplify my life is continuing in spurts of activity each month.  These are some of the books that got donated/tossed this month.  Parts of my past life are being discarded here (a small catering concern for example). I also found another 10 or so to discard when I was home with a cold.

I’m finding it easier as I go along. I now do a section of the bookcases and really think about why a book should warrant a space on my limited shelves.  Sometimes it is because I know I will refer to it again and sometimes because it brings back happy memories, though that is happening less as I question whether I need to have a physical reminder in order to reminisce.  I have also been shocked by the number of books that I have never fully read!  What a waste.

I’m doing the same thing with my clothes although I find it hard to accept that I will never again be able to squeeze into some of my favourite outfits. SIGH!  I gave away 3 outfits last week and hope to go through my summer wardrobe before I pack it away for winter. I am convincing myself that “Less is more”.

I also went through all the pieces of paper and business cards that I bought home from my recent trip and Quiltcon and tossed some of that. I have a terrible habit of keeping stuff “just in case” which I partly attribute to an impoverished childhood when nothing got thrown away.

Once my apartment is sorted I hope to be brave enough to tackle my garage, but I think that will be a 2016 project.  I am starting to see and feel the benefit of doing this – my home is less messy, has slightly more space and it somehow makes me feel more in control of my life rather than “things” controlling me.  I’ll never be a minimalist, but I can aim for a less cluttered self!


8 thoughts on “Simplify: 3

  1. I sure do understand the issues with decluttering and the reality, or should that be the positive results. I had to bring myself around to being in the current space (time) and letting go of stuff I never will wear or read again. I agree, once you get going it feels really good. I also found it made my life a little better, I could navigate the morning “what to wear to work” delimma. Glad you are liking the results.

  2. I’m excited for you! It can be hard to do, can’t it? I look around and see that if I got rid of at least half our stuff, I would never miss it. That tourism book on Scotland? Our trip was in 1999. The book was incredibly useful then, but if we go back (I hope!) we’ll need new resources. And it hasn’t been opened more than a couple times since then. That’s just one very easy example. So good for you. It does make life better when you free yourself of things.

  3. good for you to sort and toss or donate. I really need to simplify too. Having 3 artists in one house makes for a lot (too many) collections of stuff.

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