Oops a Daisy

After making seven in the last year and a half, I hope Oops a Daisy is my last baby quilt for a while.  This one was done in a bit of a rush and finally finished at 1.30am last night as it needed to be given to the mum today at a baby shower afternoon tea.

Oops a Daisy

I choose the Thousand Flowers (in pink) Kaffe Fassett fabric some time ago and had been dithering as to what to do with it.  Time moved on and life intervened and it ended up a last-minute job which had to be quick and easy, so strip piecing it was.

I’m happy with most of it although I couldn’t find the perfect shade of green for the end border strips and the pale peach/apricot strips in the centre are too pale, but I had to make do with what I had on hand.

Oops a Daisy backThe backing is Canyon Flutter from Alexander Henry which I bought several years ago.  Butterflies just seemed right to go with the flowers on the front.

Butterfly backI didn’t piece the back as I usually do as the butterflies are ‘busy’ enough.


Serpentine stitch

I quilted it using an elongated serpentine stitch on my domestic machine and didn’t quilt the solid strips to make them a little more prominent.



We have had cyclonic weather in Sydney the past few days which has made taking photos problematic, I just managed these couple outside in an extremely wet garden.


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