Out and about

I had a rather social week-end for a change.  Saturday was the hand-sewing day for my Modern Quilt Group.  I managed to fussy-cut out a few more diamonds for my stars and to catch up on all the group’s news.

Smg hand sewingJill also bought in one of her “finishes” for the year to show us.

Jill's quiltThe group also insisted that it was time I joined up to Instagram so they signed me up and promised that I would get a handle on it!   My user name is colourclothandcatnaps.  I haven’t yet had time to work it out , but hopefully I will.

I spent most of Sunday down at the Park Hyatt which is a 5 star hotel based on Sydney Harbour.  You can see it here nestled under the approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Park HyattOpera house

The other side is a view from the restaurant directly across to the Opera House.  A harbour ferry was just coming in as I snapped this photo.

A friend was in town for the week-end, so we had a very long lunch, and then later rested on the balcony of his room looking at this view back to the city.

Circular quayAll in all a very pleasant afternoon in spite of the grey skies.


2 thoughts on “Out and about

  1. Always fun to spend time with quilty friends and get things done at the same time. I’ll look for you on Instagram. I’ve only been doing it since QuiltCon and it’s not a regular thing yet. You can find me at @springleafstudios

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