Tummy Rub Tuesday

There is an internet group of cat lovers who have a Tummy Rub Tuesday group so I thought it was time for the boys  to join in.  Cosmo hates it when I leave for work and he was doing his best to look cute and cuddly, and to get a few more tummy rubs, before I left! image


A small gift

Kimono table mat Some dear friends moved back into their house this weekend after a 6 month renovation.  I went over for brunch today and decided that the house needed a small gift.  I pulled out something I started in the Gee’s Bend workshop at Quiltcon and turned it into a small mat for their table.

The centre fabrics are old Japanese kimono fabric. My friend lived in Japan and speaks Japanese so it seemed appropriate for a small impromptu gift.

Back Japanese mat

I just did improv piecing on the back and then did some quick stitch in the ditch and a few wavy quilting lines to finish it off.  It’s not perfect but I like it and so did they.

Sydney Quilt Show

I spent an enjoyable afternoon at the annual Sydney Quilt Show on the week-end.  I can’t post lots of photos because there is a strict policy on taking photographs.  You can see photos of the winning quilts here.  As always there were some stunning quilts. I never cease to be amazed by the skill and creativity of quilters!

I can however, show you the quilt below which was the group quilt entry of our Sydney Modern Quilt Group. It’s called Rainbow Skyline and was based on a Tula Pink pattern from her City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book.  I did the orange blocks (no surprises there!) and Jen did a great job on the quilting.

Group quilt 2015Jen won a prize for this terrific quilt below.  I love her use of colour and also her mix of solids and prints to suit the theme.

Jen's quilt Jen's quilt label



I’ll let Jen’s label explain her inspiration.  Well done Jen!






I also did a little shopping and found this terrific book by Kelly Ashton. Given my recent interest in EPP it was just what I have been looking for. It is a skills based book and  has everything you need to know about 60′ degree angled shapes and how to combine the different shapes into patterns for building your own design.

Now all I have to do is keep stitching those stars!

A weekly food plan

I’ve been enjoying doing my weekly shopping at the small nearby farmers’ market.  This is my food supply from Saturday, although I forgot to put the bananas and cucumbers in the photo.

Weekly food

The pumpkin will be transformed into a huge pot of pumpkin, chickpea, cumin and tomato soup. The mushrooms were picked by the grower that morning and will become sautéed mushrooms eaten on toasted multigrain bread with the tomatoes.  The hot chorizo will shortly be pan fried and then added to an omelette with one or two of the mushrooms and a tomato.  The broccoli will be steamed and served with a piece of grilled salmon. The bananas will be sliced onto oats for breakfast and the cucumber be be turned into a salsa with diced tomato.

So I  think I have the week almost covered. It’s much more enjoyable deciding on what to cook after I have chosen fresh, in-season produce, just like billions of people have been doing for millennia.

I hope you have some yum food planned for the week … Bon appetit !

WIP: Stars 6

Some slow progress on the stars front.  I think I will need approx 48 for the design I have in mind.  I have done 30, so not more to go.

Star6I am currently puzzling out how to piece the overall design.  I don’t want to hand-piece the whole quilt as I want it to have a “modern” look and  I’m therefore planning on some areas of negative space.  I’m also not sure that I have the stamina to hand piece a whole quilt even though I have really been enjoying it.

It’s the annual Sydney craft and quilt fair this week-end and I’m hoping to gather a few more fabrics to fussy-cut the remaining stars. I find that the cutting is the time-consuming part as I can easily stitch two or three stars each night if I have them already cut and basted.