A pickled pleasure

PicklesOur local primary school has recently started a farmers’ market on Saturdays and I paid it my second visit over the week-end.  It is much more agreeable than doing my weekly vegetable and fruit shopping at one of the large supermarkets.

We had a 3 day week-end in Sydney so I decided that I would use some of the extra free time by making some pickles with the veggies that I bought at the market.  After a 2 hour game of tennis I set off to a friend’s house (she has a wonderful kitchen with a long bench) to spend a leisurely afternoon slicing, dicing and pickling. Unfortunately my tiny kitchen doesn’t encourage such endeavours.

imageFirst up was was pickled cabbage – a mixture of white and purple cabbage.  Isn’t the colour of these leaves just glorious? If I’d thought ahead I would also have tried some natural dyeing with them.

After slicing up a huge bowl of cabbage I made the spiced vinegar and then tightly packed the drained and squished cabbage into the jar.  I was surprised at how much cabbage ended up in just one medium jar.

Sliced cabbageNext up was pickled fennel and carrot – originally intended to be just fennel, but that didn’t fill the jar so I added enough carrot to fill it up.  I like the look of the combination; I just hope it tastes good!  Now I have to wait four weeks to try them out.

Fennel and cabbage jarsAfter being so industrious I was feeling virtuous when I went home so I decided to tackle a clean-out of the pantry cupboards (another task on my simplify list!).

It was shocking to realise the food we waste!  As someone who mostly cooks meals just for myself it is almost impossible to use up some foodstuffs before the use-by date.  Packaging sizes are made for families, or for at least two people, yet statistics show that in Australia at least, if not elsewhere, that many more people are living in single person households. Most of the jars of herbs and spices were badly out of date so they got tossed, however, I don’t know of anyone who ever manages to use a full jar before the expiry date. Do you?


5 thoughts on “A pickled pleasure

  1. There are two of us in our household but even so I find it difficult to use some things up before their expiry date. Lately I’ve been buying loose herbs, spices, etc from a local shop, you can take your own container in and put your required quantity in. Your pickled veges look quite colourful and would be a good way of using up some excess veges and also make a nice addition to winter meals.

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