A weekly food plan

I’ve been enjoying doing my weekly shopping at the small nearby farmers’ market.  This is my food supply from Saturday, although I forgot to put the bananas and cucumbers in the photo.

Weekly food

The pumpkin will be transformed into a huge pot of pumpkin, chickpea, cumin and tomato soup. The mushrooms were picked by the grower that morning and will become sautéed mushrooms eaten on toasted multigrain bread with the tomatoes.  The hot chorizo will shortly be pan fried and then added to an omelette with one or two of the mushrooms and a tomato.  The broccoli will be steamed and served with a piece of grilled salmon. The bananas will be sliced onto oats for breakfast and the cucumber be be turned into a salsa with diced tomato.

So I  think I have the week almost covered. It’s much more enjoyable deciding on what to cook after I have chosen fresh, in-season produce, just like billions of people have been doing for millennia.

I hope you have some yum food planned for the week … Bon appetit !


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