A small gift

Kimono table mat Some dear friends moved back into their house this weekend after a 6 month renovation.  I went over for brunch today and decided that the house needed a small gift.  I pulled out something I started in the Gee’s Bend workshop at Quiltcon and turned it into a small mat for their table.

The centre fabrics are old Japanese kimono fabric. My friend lived in Japan and speaks Japanese so it seemed appropriate for a small impromptu gift.

Back Japanese mat

I just did improv piecing on the back and then did some quick stitch in the ditch and a few wavy quilting lines to finish it off.  It’s not perfect but I like it and so did they.


2 thoughts on “A small gift

  1. It beautiful and so thoughtful. Its wonderful to bring humanity in to your creativity, those not so perfect lines that we refer to as wonky are the human touch and make it so much more unique and special.

  2. I was listening to the radio on Saturday and a commentator said “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” and I think I shall take that approach more often – not that I won’t try to do the best I can, but to appreciate that perfect isn’t always possible. 🙂

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