Tummy Rub Tuesday

There is an internet group of cat lovers who have a Tummy Rub Tuesday group so I thought it was time for the boys  to join in.  Cosmo hates it when I leave for work and he was doing his best to look cute and cuddly, and to get a few more tummy rubs, before I left! image


12 thoughts on “Tummy Rub Tuesday

  1. I’ll have to look that group up. I’ve never had a cat that liked tummy rubs until now and they both do although Opal prefers them the most.

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  3. I want this cat!!!! Please send this cat to me ASAP! What is this cat’s name? Oh my, this is such an adorable cat — LOVE, LOVE the white belly on the grey. Please make a post on this cat alone! I want to know more! 🙂

    • Yes he is very special and I must admit I am in love with him – he has totally stolen my heart. His name is Cosmo and he is now 18 months old. I rescued him along with my gorgeous little black and white guy (Pepe) from an animal shelter when they were 4 and 6 months old. The had been mistreated and needed lots of TLC. Cosmo is a real smooch and loves tummy rubs and sleeping on top of me, but doesn’t like to be picked up. He loves company and wants to be close by. If you look at my posts under the cats category you will see pics of him and Pepe helping me quilt and generally being adorable companions! 🙂

      • I will look under your cats section soon! Thanks for more info … and give Cosmo a belly rub for me. By the way, WHY the name Cosmo??? 🙂

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