A walk in the park

It was a warm sunny day last Sunday in Sydney, the first one in weeks, so I took a walk down to Centennial Park.  It was a hive of activity  of dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and picnics.

DucksThe wildlife were enjoying the day as well, especially the water birds.There were even some seagulls several kilometers inland.Seagulls


The trees are always beautiful.


I love the texture of the bark on some of them.

There were some bursts of colour on, and behind, fences on the way home.Flower on fenceFlower behind fence

leafI also love nature’s (almost) perfect symmetry.


Something out of nothing

Donna Marder

Donna Rhae Marder – “The Pink Dress”

I found these amazing creations on Pinterest the other day.  They are the work of Donna Rhae Marder who only uses stitches to create them primarily out of paper.

You can read more about her work here. I haven’t been able to find a web site for her, although she does have a LinkedIn profile, and her work seems to be featured in a range of industry magazines.

The creativity of people never ceases to amaze me!  Go take a look.

It’s cold outside

When it’s cold and wet outside you need a friend and a warm bed. It’s been a week of miserable weather in Sydney and Pepe and Cosmo have had enough of it and have retired to my bed to snuggle down and keep warm – soon to be joined by me with the weekend newspapers!

C and P

Simplify: 4 and a dilemma

Underwear cleanupI continued with some decluttering on Sunday and cleaned out my underwear drawers. The result was a pile of to-be-discarded nickers and bras – too small, too uncomfortable, and old elastic. Hence the dilemma,  what does one do with old underwear?  It seems weird to put it in the garbage bin and even weirder to put it in a clothing bin.  Some could be used for cleaning rags, but I guess it is the garbage bin for the rest.

Yet again I was stunned to discover how much underwear I had – how much can one person wear?  This decluttering process is really making me aware of how much money I waste on unnecessary spending. i.e. wants rather than needs. I’d like to think that this simplify project is making me much more mindful of needless expenditure. I certainly hope so.

Also in the pile are some silk scarves from my trips to Vietnam years ago.  I used to sell these at the markets and had a few left after I closed the stall.  These will be donated to the charity shop.

I’m finding this project very satisfying and there are moments when I feel like just getting rid of almost all my possessions and living a very streamlined existence. So far my clothes closets, kitchen pantry and bookshelves are looking much more manageable.  I think kitchen cupboards and utensils are next – lots of old take away food containers seem to be lurking in there somewhere!