Isn’t this amazing?

Grayson PerryI came across this new acquisition  of Maps of truths and beliefs by Grayson Perry on my visit to the UNSW Art Gallery last Saturday.  Unfortunately a mere photo cannot do it justice.  It is huge – at least 2 metres high and about 3 metres or more wide. The stitching is astonishing.

You could gaze at it for hours and still find some small piece you hadn’t noticed before.

Grayson Perry 2Grayson Perry 3










Rather than use my words to explain it – these are his. Sorry for the blurred image, people kept walking past so I had to snap the pic quickly!


2 thoughts on “Isn’t this amazing?

  1. Wow, this IS amazing. I’m reading this on an ipad so I’m able to zoom in and see the details. Thank you for including the artist’s statement, it’s a loaded image for sure. I wonder how long this took to make, what a cool passion.

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