WIP: Stars 7

Stars 6These are the latest.  I am now at the stage where I am starting to coordinate the colours.  The design I have in mind requires sets of 8 stars that will be grouped together.

I now have enough of the green and purple tones, almost enough of orange, and 4 of pinks and 5 with a grey toned background.  I need at least 5 more with shades of yellow and a couple more with some blue.  I think the overall background will be a light grey, but I’ll decide once I have the stars complete.

Sydney has been forecast to have a very cold week-end (cold for Australia that is!) so I anticipate doing some hand stitching with my feline companions snuggled on top of me. Wishing you a creative week-end.


6 thoughts on “WIP: Stars 7

  1. The real test will be about I manage a design to put it all together. I want a modern look so I’m not planning on doing all stars, it will have some negative space. Have a look at my books category and you will see a rest great book I bought on 60′ options. It is skill based which is great.

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