WIP Stars: 9

Life has a habit of getting in the way of well laid plans. I had my first free week-end in months last week and it was warm and sunny so I set off with friends to the markets with big plans for lots of week-end activities. It was not to be! After eating a bowl of paella I was felled with a vicious bout of food poisoning and was bed-ridden for 4 days, so very little sewing, designing or anything else was accomplished. Didn’t even make it to work until Wednesdy.  Cosmo and Pepe loved having me at home, but they had trouble understanding why I wasn’t interested in having a 12 kilo cat blanket on my tummy!

I did manage a couple more stars at the end of the week.stars 9

Yesterday I felt like I deserved a treat so I set off to two of my local fabric haunts to try and find some fabric to build up the colour way of some completed stars. I would like to have at least set 6 stars in each palette and I’m trying to fill in some gaps.

Plum star

I really love the deep plum of this star but have been struggling to find some partners for it. I spotted these batiks and will try them and see how they go.  They won’t be fussy cut so may look out of place, but it’s worth a try.

Pink star

I also found this lovely bright piece which I think will go nicely with my bright pink beauty.  I will try and fussy cut this piece in two different colour patterns. It’s been fascinating to see the different patterns that emerge after fussy cutting, it always surprises me.  Hopefully this piece will end up with a mostly pink star and a mostly cream star with pink and red highlights.

I’ll post the results in a week or so.  Wishing you happy and healthy days in the week ahead.


5 thoughts on “WIP Stars: 9

  1. I love seeing your stars coming along. They are all so pretty. Sorry about the illness though. No fun at all.

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