Fundraising for our furry friends

It was the annual RSPCA (Royal Society for Protection and Care of Animals) Cupcake fundraising day on Monday so my work team and I baked up a delicious selection of treats to sell to our colleagues.

Cupcakes 1The RSPCA has a special place in my heart because that’s how Pepe and Cosmo came into my life. I adopted them after they had been rescued from an unkind home.

Pepe and Cosmo looking for foodThey decided to keep me company when I got up early in the morning to bake some savoury muffins. Of course the muffins had to have their own special cake tin with a suitable cat theme for the occasion!

Cat cakevtinAfter causing many sugar highs and lows during the day we managed to raise over $420 for a very worthy cause. Our waistlines won’t thank us, but many animals will.



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