Sore knees and snoozy cats

KneeMy tales of woe continue and no stitching has been done over the past week. Without boring you with the whole story, last Monday night I got caught in a flash flood and after getting out of that I slipped on debris and fell and badly wrenched my knee. Result? No walking for days and lots of reclining with ice packs.  This is what it looks like a week later – now turning a nice shade of yellowish green!

Cosmo snoozing

I thought I would try and do some hand stitching while propped up in bed, but with the pain and large does of painkillers I couldn’t muster any enthusiasm.  I did have a companion though, and Cosmo thought my sewing bag was just right to use as a pillow for an afternoon nap. Please excuse the background mess, I gave up on trying to be tidy last week!

Hope to do some stitching this afternoon. Spring is almost here…YEAH.


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