Some simple sewing

image image After weeks of life’s vissitudes getting in the way I finally did some stitching yesterday.  A friend was celebrating her 50th birthday after a lengthy house renovation, so I decided to stitch up for cushions for her new bench seating.

Very simple, no piecing, just large squares with a side zipper. I wanted to add some piping but I haven’t yet figured out how to add piping with a side zipper. That will have to wait for a future project. Inserting zippers is not my favourite task at the best of times and I discovered that my Janome has the most ridiculous zipper foot I have ever seen!

Anyway here they are. The leaf pattern is an off-cut of some IKEA fabric that I picked up a few weeks ago and the spots and chevron fabric is a cotton-linen blend homewares weight. I think it might be a Robert Kaufman, but I’m not sure as it wasn’t on the selvedge.

Pepe on pilowI bought the cushion inserts last week and Pepe decided that one of them made the perfect throne, so he was very unhappy when I dislodged him from it yesterday afternoon!

S cushion

Susan cushion 1


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